The case against cig-a-likes

There are a couple reasons I loathe little 510 cigalikes. The first being that they have puny little batteries and don’t put out much vapor. Odds are good that if someone is currently a smoker and  then try out a disposable like blu they are going to enjoy the novelty, and then purchase another pack of smokes. Disposables just aren’t enjoyable or consistent enough to be a real alternative. Take an MVP, add a decent tank like an i16 or a protank, and turn up the amps, now you’re vaping.

Another reason I dislike them is the fact that they are just another piece of garbage destined for the inevitable landfill. It’s just wasteful. Cigarette butts poison groundwater, but batteries in disposables won’t ever be environmentally friendly. I was on reddit the other day, and someone had even had to remove a Blu from their tire, it had punctured to the tube. Throwing butts out the window is not cool, discarding disposable e-cigs, even worse.

One of the core philosophies of this site is to try and offer long-lasting batteries and accessories that will continue to serve our customers long after their purchase date. It’s called Infinity Vapers because we choose products that last. Whether you buy from us or not, please just say no to cig-a-likes.

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